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How is Doria Ragland going to Style her locs for the Royal Wedding?

It’s everywhere! There’s no escaping the news about the soon be to married Meghan Markle to Prince Harry.

It’s highly likely that by the time you read this, they will have been wed for quite some time! 

At the Loc Boutique, we are throwing the spotlight on Doria Ragland because of her lovely locs.

Doria Ragland dreadlocks wedding meghan

‘Dreadlocks.. Nose Ring, Yoga Instructor. Social Worker. Free Spirit…’

Meghan Markle’s description of her mother, 2014

In the early days of Prince Harry and Meghan’s relationship and the speculation about engagement, Doria has had some rather negative media attention.   

There was a definite ‘shock- horror’ slant in the media about her being black and having dreadlocks.

Well, it’s time to celebrate Doria’s locs because that’s what we do at the Loc Boutique.

So how will Doria style her locs for the big day on 19th May 2018? Here are some ideas she may consider….

Doria Ragland Royal Wedding Hairstyle Number 1
Flashing it freestyle!
Doria Ragland Royal Wedding Hairstyle 2
Lightly curled and pinned back
Doria Rangland hair idea 4
Gently over to one side
Add gorgeous hair rings and cuffs
Dreadlock pony tails Doria Ragland
A practical ponytail……….. or………. bejewelled side pony
A vibrant touch of red
Dreadlocks hat Doria Ragland
Strike a pose with a hat
Dreadlocks flower doria ragland wedding
Blossom with a beautiful flower
Dreadlock updo wedding doria ragland
A queenly updo

Whatever style Doria chooses on the day, locs are so versatile. So she will have plenty of choices.

All will be revealed soon…. watch this space for updates!

So, this is how Doria styled it!

Doria Ragland Wedding locs hair style

It’s a hat!

Doria looked absolutely gorgeous in her hat, with her locs neatly held back. You can see where Meghan gets her good looks and style from!

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