Locs Q and A – What tips do you have for starting locs?

1. Be patient

Let’s face it.  The truth is… you need lots of patience to get your hair starting to look like locs. 

And then even more patience waiting for them to grow longer.

Anyone with locs has probably had the same feeling of: ‘Why don’t they just grow and grow NOW?!!’

That certainly was the case with me.  Honestly, I just wanted them to look ‘right’ and to get long.

Everyone wants to have their hair looking like ‘real locs’ but it remember it takes time and you will get there in the end.

2. Please don’t pull your hair.

woman pulling hair locs

Some people do this hoping to stimulate the roots and get their locs growing.

Again, being a bit crazy and impatient I pulled my hair just thinking, ‘if I can give them a bit of a tug, just get my scalp ‘excited’ then those locs will grow a bit quicker. 

I think I convinced myself that it was something that was doing my hair good even though deep down I knew it probably wasn’t a good idea.

Anyway, my message to you is  ‘please don’t pull your hair’.

It can cause problems down the line resulting in your hair becoming thin and even hair loss.

3. Start locs in the same direction

If you are starting your locs yourself at home you need to be aware of starting them in just one direction.

I started my locs myself and I remember deciding on the way I wanted my hair parted but don’t think I started them off in the same direction.

But  it is recommended to decide on a direction that you will always twist them in and have a system that is easy for you to remember. 

If you do this, as your locs grow, they will be much neater.

It will also help prevent your locs developing bobbles and getting thin in the middle. 

4. Don’t start locs too thin

Locs Q & A Starting locs too thin
Too thin leads to weak locs

Starting your locs off too thin may cause them to break, later on, as they grow.

It’s quite common (and very annoying!) that the longer one’s hair, the more it is prone to breakage.

If you have seen people with Sisterlocks  then it’s likely you are aware that these are very thin locs.   

For best results, you will need to seek a specialist Sisterlock Loctition to create and maintain them.

5. Avoid Beeswax

Beeswax Jar Loc Boutique q and a blog

In the past, beeswax  was regarded as the ‘go to product’ to get your hair to begin to look like locs.

That’s certainly what I heard and I ended up using loads of it on my own hair. 

Now I wish I hadn’t!

Beeswax does get your hair to form locs fast but because it’s got such a heavy consistency,  it gets stuck in your hair.

And being waterproof, it’s extremely difficult to wash it out of your hair.  

There are other products on the market that will help you achieve your goal of locing your hair.  

Look out reviews on this blog for suitable products which don’t leave a product build-up in your hair.  

6. Protect your Starter Locs from Shampoo

Shampoo Locs Q and A Sarter

When just starting your locs, give it a month or so before washing your hair. 

I know this may sound really bad to some of you, but the time will go really fast.

It will also enable the locing process to take place.

Washing them too soon and rubbing in shampoo or soap may cause your locs to come undone.

As long as you’re not rolling around in the mud…..your hair should keep relatively clean and smell fine during this wash-free month.

7. Don’t keep twisting your locs

starter locs Q and A twisting hair

Avoid over-twisting.

When you first get your locs its so tempting to over twist them.

You think that you’re doing good because you would probably regard this at good maintenance.

I did.. so every time I found myself at a tap, I’d get a bit of water and twist my locs.

Don’t do it people. Twist them yes, but not at every opportunity.

Over twisting  and twisting them too tightly causes breakage and thinning in the long run.

Resist the temptation and allow your hair to rest and giving it some time to loc naturally.

8. Cover your hair at night

Locs Q & A sleep cap

All the twists and turns on the pillow during a normal night’s sleep, will also cause your locs to unravel.

So wrap your hair at night with a scarf, sleep cap or similar. 

9. Try to use a specialist loctician

loctician Q & A

Try to get a loctitian recommended to you.

If you can’t find anyone to make a recommendation, make sure you thoroughly research ones you may find in your local area or on the internet.  Check out their work and previous experience.

When you meet up with the loctitian  them you will be better able to assess how friendly, knowledgable and professional they are. 

I went to see a loctitian in my local area.. she was on the phone cursing someone… for  all I know, it was a client of hers! 

Anyway it didn’t leave me with a good impression and I quickly made my exit.

Ask to see a portfolio or pictures of a loctitian’s work – they should be happy and willing to do so. 

They should be open to you asking them as many questions as you like and make you feel comfortable about doing so.

10. Remember – your locs are unique

Locs Q & A Man thinking
Locs Q & A Man with dreads

It’s true you may have started your locs because you’ve seen someone whose locs you admire. but also try not to compare yourself to others too much.

Locs are individual in every sense of the word and everyone’s locs will look different as they grow. 

That’s a great part of this whole loc journey. 

Be independent, be unique and celebrate your locs! 

11. Don’t think about it too long…………….

Locs Q & A Starting locs dreadlocks

Like for ages and ages and forever!!

People I’ve spoken to, with locs, say that this was a problem for them. Thinking about it over and over again…

Yes, do your research and find out as much about locs as possible.

For whatever reason you decide you want locs commit and just do it!

You are unlikely to regret it.

Come join us!

Do you have any tips or advice on starting locs? Please share your views below.

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