How to use the bead threader tool

A bead threader is an easy and convenient tool.

It will help you to quickly apply both small and large beads to your hair.

Here are the steps:


1. Put the beads or bead onto the bead threader.

Then choose a suitable sized loc or bunch of locs where you want to place your bead.

Loc Bead Threader tutorial step 2

2. Put your loc into the threader, nearer the tip is best so you don’t have so much hair to slide through.  Don’t rush sliding your hair through – it can be tempting to do so sometimes. 

Be gentle. Your hair will love you for it


3. Gently slide the beads up to remove them from the threader and onto your loc..

Step 5 Loc bead threader
Step 6 Loc Bead Threader

4. That’s it! Push the bead up your loc to suit.

5. Repeat as often as you want with more beads.

I use this threader all the time and it’s very strong and it will be good to you if you use it gently. 

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