Black Panther film- locs are rocking!

Finally!! Marvel’s breakthrough Superhero film ‘Black Panther’, with a mostly black cast,  arrived here in the UK on February 13th with much excitement.

Getting a ticket wasn’t easy – the film came out during the school holidays in the UK and so cinemas were packed out.

Outside the US, it has been in the UK, where this film has had the greatest impact.

It made over £2.6 million on its first day of release in the UK and in just under two weeks this soared to over £29 million.

To date, the film has made over one billion dollars worldwide. Now that deserves a massive WOW!!!

Now, what about all those wonderful hairstyles showcased in this film, courtesy of head stylist Camille Friend and her team?

The natural hair movement has been gaining momentum.

With the bad publicity and negativity that locs sometimes gets it’s great to see them being positively represented.

Angela Bassett dreadlocks Black Panther film

Photos: Marvel Studios

In a recent interview, the film’s lead hairstylist Camille Friend, talked about wanting to give Angela Bassett who played the role of Ramonda, the queen of Wakanda, ‘beautiful dreadlocks’

Camille said “I wanted to make them gray because I did want to show that she was a little older.’

Angela’s dreadlocks were all handmade by Emmy Award hairstylist Louisa Anthony and inserted into the base of a wig. A process that took about eight weeks.

Michael B Jordan in his role as Erik Killmonger also locs. Loc extensions were added after he had grown his hair.

Camille says she drew her inspiration for the film’s hairstyles from 3 different sources.

1. Traditional African hairstyles
2. The current natural hair movement including AfroPunk
3. Sci-Fi films

Regarding traditonal African  hair, there does seem to be a similarity between Michael B Jordans hairstyle and that of the Turkana people in Africa.

Turkana & MiIchael B Jordan Black Panther
Look familiar?

‘Celebrating Locs’ is the mantra here at the Loc Boutique. So it’s really great to see that among the wonderfully crafted natural hair styles, locs are positively represented.

For those who say ‘it’s just a film’ are disregarding the fact that films are important in the impact they can have on society.

Films can create awareness of issues, affect and make changes in people’s attitudes. In summary, films are powerful.

This film is particularly good for for black children, who now have superheroes and strong independent male and female characters, that look like them. It’s also great adults too!

It has arrived at a time of much change in the UK particularly with some nationalistic issues being brought up around the UK’s exit from the European Union, otherwise known as Brexit.

Not to mention the USA’s Donald Trump’s, offensive reference to some African nations which he described as “shit-hole countries”.

Gosh! As well as setting a precedent in the Superhero film genre, we needed a film like this, in the current climate!

Black Panther was the inspiration to create 2 leather loc hair beads as homage to this ground-breaking film.

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